Friday, September 18, 2009

Ego Rid, She Inspires

I've always though there was something essential in names and have always mused on their deeper meanings, searching for clues via numerology and etymology. Some ancient cultures also thought names carried a certain importance and that the knowledge of someone's (or something's) true name conferred power over him, hence the tales of Rumpelstiltskin and Tom Tit Tot.

While looking through a notebook of mine, I rediscovered perhaps another interesting route to investigate the inner workings of a name: the Internet Anagram Server of which a telling anagram is "I, Rearrangement Servant." By setting a few basic parameters and entering your name, you might unearth some interesting, if somewhat cryptic and surreal, phrases. Depending upon the length and letters in your name, you could literally spend all day pondering all of the possible rearrangements, but often there are themes which can be derived from the frequency of certain words in the various anagrams. The following are some of my favorite anagrams of my own name (some punctuation was added at my discretion):

ego rid, she inspires
eroded inspire sigh
a deed perishing rejoins
designed Irish rope
I sing spheroid deer
a ridged spine joins here
oh dig, inspired seer!
his red poising deer
heeding a drip, seers join
inspire his deer God
deer herd is poising
re inspire, God hides
a designer's rejoined hip
drips enjoin deer geisha
oh, inspired ridges!
she inspired God ire
a ridged, serene hip joins


  1. The anagrams of my real name are a bit less fortunate: "creeps pet hip skin," for example.

  2. Not all of the anagrams of my own name were particularly flattering or pleasant either. I just listed some of the ones I liked best or thought were interesting. The negative ones might say as much about me as the positive ones.

    Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoy the Forgotten PA blog.

  3. And as I should've mentioned in my first comment, you have an excellent blog here! Love your work, and we've linked to you as well.

    My pen name does have some pretty nifty anagrams -- "Ablest Era" was my favorite. =)